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    Picker's Dynasty

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Picker's Dynasty

During the times of corona virus when on-premise estate sales are not safe, we are pivoting to a new sales model appropriate for the foreseeable future. We now purchase estates outright. This can be done while maintaining social distancing and meeting the goals of our clients.

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Welcome to Pickers Dynasty!

PICKERS DYNASTY expedites the liquidation process without an estate sale, a process which normally requires weeks of set up, a 2-3 day public sale and then yields leftover piles of unsold items and trash for the family to deal with, or pay extra to have a third party haul it away.

With over 30 years of research and hands-on estate liquidation experience, we can handle everything for you, including furniture, antiques, coins, jewelry, fine art, automobiles, collectibles, books, about anything you can name.

We also:

  • Purchase gold and silver at an extremely competitive rate.
  • Provide services throughout the central and upstate New York area.
  • Are a founding member of, a nationwide resource and estate sale locator website.
  • Can write one check to purchase entire contents of the estate and remove unsaleable items and trash.
  • Leave you with an empty house, ready for the realtor.
  • Empty most estates within a week or less.
  • Will handle any size estate in any situation: Home, Condo, Townhouse, Apartment or Assisted Living Facility.
  • Handle donations for your estate.
  • We work with the area’s leading real estate agents, attorneys, bankers and trustee officers.

This approach will give those clients an option to move forward as opposed to being on the sidelines waiting for this to end, whenever that may be.

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We can put your name out there at an open house event at no cost to you! Ask us how!

Sheri and our team of decorators will AMAZE you!

Contact: Sheri Hall (315) 527-5707